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XOXO Gossip Girl

    The original Gossip Girl has been one of my favorite shows ever since it started. I mean, how can you not love drama combined with  beautiful people and gorgeous clothes. And there's also the mystique of these people that live a life that most of us can't even imagine.      But, we're here to talk about the clothes. I fully expected majority of the items worn on the show, to be in the realm of Prada and Louboutin and far out of the reach of the normal person. However, when I started doing research I was pleasantly suprised. There were a lot of Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Taylor, and Nannette Lepore pieces amongst other brands that was either familiar with, or from which I already owned  pieces. [Side note: If you're not familiar with the website Worn on TV and you typically look at characters and you're dying to know where to get their outfits, then you need to check it out!!] So after this discovery, I started keeping my eye out for pieces from the show. I found a sel


     It feels like this fall just barely started, and yet it is almost time for Thanksgiving. The best parts of Thanksgiving are the food and the friends but also the fashion. Every year half the planning of Thanksgiving for me is picking out outfits for me and the minion. This year's outfit is still in the planning phase, so here is a look back at some of my favorites from past years.  2014 2017 2018 2019 2020   

Girls Trip to Music City (Nashville, TN)

            A couple weekends ago, my girlfriends and I finally made it to Nashville for a weekend trip that we had been talking about taking for a long time. We crammed as much as we could into the couple days that we were there. Friday after landing we crammed in some live music, and Saturday we did lots of shopping and eating and sightseeing. Sunday we did more eating and shopping and also managed to fit in the country music hall of fame. We all agreed that we wanted more time and will definitely be heading back in the near future!  Friday Luke Bryan's 32 Bridge Saturday Lunch at Loveless Cafe  Uncommon James  Kittenish  Downtown Nashville White Limozeen  Saturday Night   Dinner at Cascades at Opryland  Broadway after dinner  FGL House  Kid Rock's Steak House  Casa Rosa  Sunday Coffee at Funny Library  Shopping  Brunch at Hampton Social  Country Music Hall of Fame and Star Walk