Discovering Amazon Fashion

I must say, I never in a million years did I think that I'd be buying clothes and other fashion items off of Amazon. Books, household items, phone cases? Yes. Clothes and jewelry? Eww no. But over the last few years they have done an amazing job of curating decent quality things for Amazonian prices. 

The first fashion thing I got from Amazon was a black beret. I had seen a picture of my friend wearing one and I remembered that I used to wear them all the time growing up but hadn't owned on in a while. As anyone who knows me at all knows I am obsessed with Paris and all things French, so obviously I needed a beret. Or six. I figured Amazon would be a safe place to start because I could always get a cheap one and see if I still looked as good in berets as I remembered, and then I could get a more expensive and nicer one from somewhere else later. 

I was super surprised when I found one on Amazon that was wool and had a great shape and feel. And was only $10. I then ordered my son's halloween costume from Amazon, several other different berets, skirts, jackets and jewelry for my 30th birthday trip (which has gotten postponed due to Coronavirus) and several other things. 

I've been surprised by everything I've ordered from Amazon, and I always get compliments on them when I wear them. So don't be afraid to go searching on Amazon for a good deal and a basic or interesting garment to fit your budget!! 

This dress comes with it's own belt that is the same fabric, but because it has belt loops I of course had to take it up a notch and use my own belt. I also think using a wide leather belt made it drape more in the front. It also comes in a bunch of other colors, but I really wanted olive. 

I actually bought this blouse in two patterns I liked it so much! 

Red beret ($9.99 I think). 
Amazon seems to have forgotten that I bought this one, as it is no longer in my orders haha But they have soo many different awesome ones to choose from 

This dress comes in so many colors, is super comfortable and great for summer. I had to resist buying all the colors! 


I bought these awesome Dark Denim Jackets for my birthday trip. They're super comfortable, wash well and fit different body types in the same size fabulously! (Don't worry, you'll get a post on that trip whenever it gets taken!) 

I also bought several beautiful silk scarves for the trip from Amazon. I bought this pink one for myself for $8.99. But Amazon has a myriad of beautiful ones, so just search for your favorite color! 


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