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Discovering Amazon Fashion

I must say, I never in a million years did I think that I'd be buying clothes and other fashion items off of Amazon. Books, household items, phone cases? Yes. Clothes and jewelry? Eww no. But over the last few years they have done an amazing job of curating decent quality things for Amazonian prices.  The first fashion thing I got from Amazon was a black beret. I had seen a picture of my friend wearing one and I remembered that I used to wear them all the time growing up but hadn't owned on in a while. As anyone who knows me at all knows I am obsessed with Paris and all things French, so obviously I needed a beret. Or six. I figured Amazon would be a safe place to start because I could always get a cheap one and see if I still looked as good in berets as I remembered, and then I could get a more expensive and nicer one from somewhere else later.  I was super surprised when I found one on Amazon that was wool and had a great shape and feel. And was only $10. I then

Roll Tide - Styling with Houndtooth Checks

Houndstooth checks have always been one of my top favorite patterns to wear. I'm not sure if it was just ingrained in me as a child because my family are die-hard Alabama fans, or if it just kind of happened. My mother is from Alabama and I have wonderful memories of visiting there as I was growing up, and now Birmingham is one of my favorite places on earth. Either being an Alabama fan or an Auburn fan there is basically the equivalent to breathing. So I think now the Alabama gear (which includes houndstooth checks thanks to Bear Bryant) just gives me warm happy feelings inside.  But associations aside, houndstooth checks are just a beautiful pattern. They're more sophisticated than gingham and less festive than plaid. They're somehow subtle and chic at the same time. And while we tend to think of them as only black and white, I've added so many other color combinations of the checks to my wardrobe. I also have a red and white checked jacket, and a ton

Hat Attack

If you've been around here very long, you know that I absolutely love hats. I've had some come and go over the years, but I still have a very large collection. I think they just add something a little special on top of an outfit. So here are some of my hats over the years. Berets and fedoras are my top favorite (in case you can't tell).  I'll do my best to remember where and when I got them!  Coach Patchwork Bucket Hat (Coach Outlet - circa 2009) Straw Floppy Hat (I have no idea where I got this one- circa 2008) Pink Straw Bucket Hat (the hospital gift shop - circa 2014) Black Beret (Amazon Fashion - 2019)  Vince Camuto Fedora (Nordstrom Rack - 2019)  Camel Fedora (Poshmark Boutique - 2019)  I honestly know nothing about this hat except that it's cute because my mother bought it for me! (2008)  Steve Madden Merlot Fedora (T.J.Maxx - 2015)  I lo

Legally Blond

So in case anyone was curious why I have disappeared, it's because I started law school! (Even though I've been absent from here, I've been trying to keep up with the IG so make sure you're following me at emerald.days.sapphire.nights!) Law school has been an amazing adventure, though somewhat unexpected for my family and friends. Law school has always been something that I was interested in and wanted to do, but was never brave enough to jump in with both feet and actually do it. Though the last five years have been the worst and hardest of my life, I learned so many things. And one of the things that I learned, is that I'm stronger than I think, and I'm smarter than I ever gave myself credit for. I decided that now was the time to chase my dreams and make a change that would create a better life for and for my son. It's been a wonderful school year thus far. It's been ridiculously hard to go to school, work three jobs and raise a child, but every