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Christmas in the Golden Isles

          Being from a family of only three people, big Christmas dinners were never really a thing for us once all the cousin grew into adults. So we've always tried to come up with new adventures for Christmas. Usually we would eat Christmas dinner at a fancy hotel downtown or something. Then about three years ago we started the tradition of spending Christmas down in the Golden Isles of Georgia. It has come to be the highlight of the holiday season for me, and I look forward to it all year long. Usually we stay at the King and Prince resort on Saint Simons Island, and eat our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals at the Club on Jekyll island . We love getting to stay on the water and enjoying the beach on Saint Simons, and the food at Jekyll Island is just amazing. In the past the Jekyll Island Club has done an incredibly massive Christmas Day brunch buffet that was the largest I've ever seen and was reasonably priced. This year due to the health restrictions I think they ar

Christmas Style in the South

2017 Jacket: Bebe  Pants: Taikonhu Purse: Michael Kors  Top: Chelsea28 (Nordstrom) Pants: Banana Republic  Shoes: Louise et Cie  Necklace: So Good Jewelry  Ring: Nordstrom Rack  Christmas Eve  Turtleneck: Banana Republic  Dress: Karl Lagerfeld  Shoes: Dune of London  Christmas Day  Jacket: Bebe  Shell: Bebe  Skirt: Custom made  Shoes: Ivanka Trump  Earrings: Local Artisan  2018 Top: Michael Kors  Skirt: Ted Baker  Shoes: Gianni Bini  Top: White House Black Market  Jacket: CeCe (Nordstrom)  Pants: White House Black Market  Shoes: Kate Spade  Christmas Eve  Shirt: Ralph Lauren  Vest: White House Black Market  Skirt: Banana Republic  Shoes: Louise et Cie  Christmas Day Brunch  Top: Grazia  Jacket: Reese and Riley  Jeans: White House Black Market  Shoes: Dune London  Christmas Day Dinner  Top: Chelsea and Theodore  Jacket: Loft  Skirt: White House Black Market  Shoes: Dune London  Turtleneck: Banana Republic  Shawl: Mudpie  Jeans: See Through

Gatlinburg at Christmas

Every year when I was growing up, we would go to Gatlinburg in the fall for vacation. We always rented this same little house, and I remember it being some of the best memories I have from being a kid. Then the owners sold our little rental house, and we just drifted into going elsewhere for vacations.  So last year we decided to take a family vacation and go to Gatlinburg the week before Christmas. It was beautiful and so much fun, though it was cold. It was a great chance to wear all the winter clothes that never get used in Charleston.  We stayed at the Margaritaville hotel in Gatlinburg. It was a beautiful hotel and our room had an extra little bedroom with doors, which worked out great for me and the minion. The only drawback was that all the food in the hotel was super expensive.  The hotel was right on this beautiful creek with I loved. It really made you feel like you were in the mountains and not in the business district.  They have an adorable parrot that lives in