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My new favorite dress

I have my new favorite dress for spring and summer and I wanted to share it with y'all! I originally found it at my favorite local consignment store, and then in searching for something else found it on the Nordstrom website. So that means I can link it for y'all. I actually liked it so much that I bought three other colors from the Nordstrom website. Don't worry, pictures of those will be forthcoming; after I get them hemmed. I'm such a short little person that I feel like I have to get everything hemmed. Even with my sky-high heels! Purse: Brahmin I think that the tie in the back may be my favorite part!  Dress: Eliza J   Earrings: Maris DeHart Watch: Michael Kors 

Light side or the Dark Side

One of the trends that I was very skeptical about at the beginning of the season was the embroidered leather jacket. I really didn't understand why you would do that to a jacket. And then I started seeing them more and more in blogs and around town and in stores and it started to grow on me. I began to realize that the very attributes that at first made me hesitate to embrace the trend were the very things that were drawing me to it.  Embroidered leather jackets take something classic and take add a whole other level of interest to it. Also it juxtaposes something almost harsh and masculine with something soft and incredibly feminine. It ends up being the perfect combination and also a great object lesson in life.  So my friend and I both ended up buying an embroidered leather jacket. She got hers in black and I got mine in khaki. Our color choices fit our personalities perfectly. So we decided we would get together and do an impromptu photo shoot on the light side and dar