Reviving That Beloved Outfit

I felt like this outfit needed its very own post because it is one of my favorites. I originally put this outfit together when I was maybe 14 or 15. I absolutely loved it and it felt like I've worn it about once a week since then: until a year or two ago. And then at that point the original peasant blouse that I wore with this vest was yellowed and the seams had torn (since it was originally a size too small, but it was the only thing that worked). It was a sad day that blouse died. And I spent the next couple years desperately searching for another similar blouse so that I could wear my favorite outfit. The search ended a couple weeks ago in a mall in Raleigh. I was walking to the American Girl store (yes, I still love American Girl Dolls) and I saw the blouse in the window at White House Black Market. I practically screamed in the middle of the mall and promptly went in and bought it. I didn't even try it on. I've never actually done that with a garment before. But it worked perfectly and now I have my favorite outfit back! And I most certainly wore it to work the very next week! So if you have an outfit that you love and a piece wears out, don't despair: the replacement is out there somewhere! 

Vest: Bebe
Pants: Loft (shop similar pants)
Booties: Michael Kors (shop similar booties)


  1. Your outfit looks like you came here from another century. I am convinced that then people had a good taste of style. Will you agree with that?


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