Excerpts from Paris Bath and Beauty Book

Ever since I spent a couple weeks in France, I've been obsessed with the French women and their fashion. They're always been at the height of the fashion industry, but they do it so effortlessly! Not that I'm planning to ditch my highly artistic makeup when I feel like doing that, but it's nice to know that it's also super chic to go out with just glowing skin and a bold lip. 

I'm always on the lookout for books about Parisian fashion and beauty routines, and whenever I see one I grab it! I found this little beauty on a quick run into Whole Foods. I was passing by and the giant "Paris" grabbed my attention. I spent about 3 seconds flipping through it and decided it was something I needed in my life. Here are some excerpts from the book for your enjoyment. 

Need some help forming a capsule wardrobe for fall? No worries. The Parisian stylists are here to help! 


  1. I've been watching Miraculous lately and realized how unique of a fashion Paris has! Your essaychief review you have here, made me realized I'm not the only one.


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