Checking out Columbia

So a couple Saturdays ago my fur baby and I went to Columbia for the day to spend a few hours with my best friend who I haven't seen in two years! She's living in Orlando now and I live in Charleston and we are both so busy with work: it's not quite like the wonderful days when we both lived in Greenville and our biggest worry was our test tomorrow. So this day was a rare treat! However, neither of us know very much about Columbia so it was also sort of an adventure. I posted on Facebook looking for recommendations from friends on places to go and places to eat. One of my friends who lives in Columbia recommended the Vista. That is a super cute little shopping district that definitely wasn't there last time I had spent any time in Columbia! So we parked and started looking around for a restaurant that was open for lunch at 2:30 and had a deck for my fluffy. We ended up eating at the Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom. I had the best calzone that I've ever eaten! However, our servers kept forgetting about us so they gave us our meal free and gave us a free brownie bite dessert. They were out of this world!!! Even though the meal took entirely too long, the food was amazing and totally worth it. After that we walked around the Vista and the State House grounds and took tons of pictures. Overall it was a beautiful and fun day!

Top: Feratelli (no longer available)
Jeans: Loft 
Shoes: Michael Kors 


  1. i am glad to see that your experience went well. it is really healthy to move around to get newer air. keep us posted with more of your trips

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