White teeth without the misery

Yellow teeth. So who doesn't want to vanquish that demon? I've had an arch expander, braces four times, and a jaw surgery to fix my teeth and my bite. And yet somehow I am never happy with my smile because I can't ever seem to get my teeth to be white enough. And the biggest culprit in this frustration is the fact that because of all the work that I've had done in my mouth my teeth are extremely sensitive. I tried whitening gel, and I've tried all different combinations of the Crest whitening system and I've never been able to do it more than a couple times because my teeth becomes unbearably sensitive. Frankly I don't have enough vanity to stick with a whitening regime that makes it hard to eat ice cream and drink hot coffee and eat chocolate. But on the flip side, I drink coffee. And I love coffee. And I also love cranberry juice. And other things that stain teeth. So we've come back around the vicious circle to square one.

I thought I had finally found the holy grail when Crest came out with the sensitive whitening line. And then just as quickly they cancelled it. So I was left to languish in my frustration. Until my friend starting selling this incredible toothpaste called AP24 by NuSkin. She had just started selling it, so when I saw her post on Facebook I decided to try it. I couldn't dislike it any more than I disliked what I was already using, and I like supporting my friends when I can. So I bought it. And I loved it!!!!!! I could tell a huge difference in my teeth after just one week of using it twice a day.


After 1 week 

So as you can see from my slightly less than lovely pictures, this stuff works! And it just keeps on working. It removes stains from the gum lines and whitens the entire tooth. The longer you use it the better it just keeps on looking. And the best part is that I have absolutely no pain! My teeth haven't gotten more sensitive, but actually have in fact gotten less sensitive. I can now eat and drink all my favorite things without worry of what it's going to look like or feel like. I feel like I've finally conquered the beast! So if you're interested in trying this magic product leave a comment on the blog my Facebook page or message Ashley Greiwe on Facebook! You definitely have to try it and give your selfie that extra boost! 


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