Eyebrow Emergency

My eyebrows have always been a huge mystery to me. Being Scottish, my eyebrows do exactly what they want to regardless of what I tell them to do. So finding someone to shape them for me has always been a challenge. I started out getting my eyebrows waxed when I was about fourteen at a salon down the street. I loved the lady there who did them, and we ended up becoming friends. However she soon stopped working at the salon because she had a cute little munchkin. That seems to be the way those things always go. After that I went to her house for a while, and then I just resorted to trying to pluck them on my own. That kinda sorta worked throughout college and for a little while afterward until I couldn't take it anymore. Not only did they not match each other, but they looked like two wooly-bear caterpillars decided to take up residence on my face. Not really the look I was going for. About the time I was about to give up in frustration, I discovered that my nail salon had ladies who waxed eyebrows. I thought, "This is perfect! I can do everything in one place!" So for a while I went and had them do my brows for me. I was impressed that it actually looked pretty good. And then I moved. So along with all the other self-care things that got neglected, my eyebrows were at the top of the list. And I went back to trying to pluck them. Such a bad idea. Well when I finally moved back I was so excited that I could go back to my nail salon and get my favorite girl to do my eyebrows again. However, she wasn't doing it anymore and another girl was. And she, bless her heart, couldn't get them right to save her life! They never matched each other in shape, they never started in the same place on either side of my nose, and they were too far apart.

As you can see, it wasn't terrible but it wasn't good. And being the beauty perfectionist that I am it looked terrible to me. So I decided I needed a new option. I really didn't want to just pick a random salon without knowing what I was getting into, and most salons that did eyebrows were just way too expensive for me. And then I discovered the Benefit Brow Bar at Ulta and all my problems went away. Man! Those girls know what they are doing! I told her all of my woes about my eyebrows and how poorly they had been treated and she just whipped them right up. Actually it was a slightly longer process than that. They do this really cool thing called brow mapping where they measure your brows and mark where they are supposed to start and end and where the arch is supposed to be. It was really cool to see they way they were supposed to look. And she sympathized with my woe over the fact that they were too far apart and not the same distance from my nose, and so she explained how she was going to camouflage that so they could grow back. Anyway, all that to say she did a fabulous job! They were shaped a little bit differently from what I was used to, so I'm still getting used to filling them in correctly, but they look immensely better! I'm super excited to see what they will look like after a few more visits to the brow bar. And the best part, it's only about $20! It was slightly more than the nail salon, but totally worth every penny. 

Haha so maybe not the most flattering pictures of me ever, but look at those brows! Such an improvement. There still are a couple areas I want to work on, but it really is like night and day. 
They definitely look even better with my makeup completely done. So the moral of the story? If you're frustrated with your brows, look up the Benefit Brow Bar! They hang in the middle of Ulta, and maybe some other stores, I'm not entirely sure. But look it up and don't stay frustrated with your face fur! 


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