Urban Decay Partay!

So if you follow my blog on Instagram you got the see some pictures of the Urban Decay party that I went to at Ulta on Saturday. It was an absolute blast! I'm inevitably one of those people that find out about cool events like that after they have already happened. But this time I got in on it! So professional makeup artists that work for Urban Decay came in and basically took over Ulta for the day. You could schedule a free 20-30 minute session with them, or buy a $100 Ulta gift card and get an hour and half slot for a full makeover. Let's be honest: I went for the free session since I spent all my extra money on great finds from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (post coming soon!).

So they were doing this party as sort of the launch party for the Naked Heat eyeshadow palette. I've been seeing ads for the palette for a while, but honestly I was scared to try it. I know that sounds silly from the girl who will wear just about any color and even wear gray lipstick. But while I absolutely adore the colors in the Heat palette, any time I've tried to use those colors on my eyes I looked like I was having an allergy attack. But after the UD makeup artist showed me how to use it and mix and layer the colors correctly, I'm obsessed!! And besides, that Heat palette are the exact colors that are in for the fall season. When all my goodies arrive from the Nsale I'll show you how great the colors mesh! So I wanted to share my pictures and insights with you to let you know that you should embrace the Heat too!

The next two pictures are of my eye makeup once the Urban Decay makeup artist used the Heat Palette on my eyes 

So naturally, on Sunday I tried to replicate the artist's work from Saturday. I did a slightly different lid color though. 

I've officially decided that other than Younique (you can't beat all-natural, healthy, well-priced makeup!) that Urban Decay is my favorite makeup brand. I love all of their eyeshadows and eye- liners and lipsticks and lip-liners. 

Let's take a minute and talk about the lipstick that I have on in these pictures. Its all the same in each picture: it's called Sheer Liar (used with Manic lip pencil). Looking at the lipstick in the tube, this would never have been a color that I would have gravitated toward. I would've thought that it looked too matronly. But I looooove it!!! It's my absolutely new favorite pinky-neutral. The UD artist picked this one to complete the look that she did on me at the party and its amazing. I hadn't used this particular formula from UD and its incredible! Its super moist and hydrating and slightly shiny and yet it lasts all day like a matte long-wear! I was completely shocked when I went through my coffee, lunch, and a nap and it still essentially looked the same. I've never experienced that with a regular lipstick. I'm officially obsessed. And I plan on going back to see what other colors they have in this unicorn of a lipstick. 

There was something else fabulous that the Urban Decay artist introduced me to, and that is their new eyeshadow primer called Sin. This stuff in incredible; it's basically a sparkly, champagne cream eyeshadow but its also a primer. So it actually primes your lid and is also your neutral base color. And it gives a sparkle to any eye shadow you put over it. It's like fairy dust and I'm hooked. 

And speaking of fairy dust, my last earth-shattering find at the party was the brand new Urban Decay Vice Special Effect Lip Topcoats. Oh. My. Word. These things are incredible!! They're $18, so its basically like buying another lipstick, but they go on top of your lipstick or they can be worn alone. They have everything from coral (the one I got - its called Fever) to red to even teal. They're glittery and also iridescent. They either add life to a lipstick or they can change the color all together, depending on what you want. I wore it on top of my Sheer Liar lipstick in the Sunday pictures, but I just put it on my cupid's bow and the middle of my bottom lip to add some extra shine and a little pucker to my lipstick. 

So make sure you check out these new and awesome Urban Decay products! And be sure to check to see if the party is coming to an Ulta near you to help you get geared up for fall! 


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