Baby Nsale

So when I first found out about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I scurried over to see what kind of awesome finds there were to be had. I applied for my Nordstrom Card so I got early access and promptly spent a ton of money. And not until this morning did it occur to me to shop the baby Nsale! I'm not sure why this revelation took so long because my son's favorite Wubbanub came from Nordstrom. Twice. So this morning I tackled the baby sale. They have everything from clothes to strollers to diaper bags; anything you could want or need. They have especially cute things for little girls which made me slightly jealous. They even have baby jewelry for the little girls (adorable choking hazard anyone?). I didn't get quite the haul for the baby as I did for myself (let's be honest- thanks to baby showers that child has more clothes than me!) but I did find some cute things I wanted to share!

Tucker + Tait Isarsia Dog Sweater $22.90 (after sale $35)

I just thought this sweater was absolutely adorable! I got it in the 6 month size so Munchkin can wear it this fall! Be on the look out for adorable pictures. 

Nordstrom Baby Luxe Chenille Blanket $31.90 (after sale $49) 
 How sweet is this blanket? I can't wait to use it for Munchkin to play on, have his picture taken on, and when he's old enough it will be great for his to sleep under! My uncle got me a yellow one like this when I was baby, so I couldn't pass up a chance for my baby to have one too.
This little outfit just killed me. I'm a sucker for anything aviator themed; especially bomber jackets. So of course I couldn't turn down a baby bomber jacket!! Unfortunately, they didn't have a small enough size for Munchkin to wear it this fall so I got the 18 month size for next year. If only I can make it that long!! 


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