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Nsale Favorites - Part One

So I'm finally getting to share some of my favorite finds from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ! I found so much good stuff that it took longer than I expected to take pictures off all the outfits, so I'm going to have to do a couple follow-up posts when I get the time to finish taking pictures! But for now here is the first batch of goodies. ** denotes Nsale item Sweatshirt: Target ( shop similar shirt ) Skirt: Halogen Pleat Faux Leather Skirt ** $79.90 (after sale $119.00) Shoes: Ivanka Trump ( shop similar shoes ) Sweater: Express ( shop similar sweater ) Belt: ( shop similar belt ) **Skirt: TopShop Faux Leather Skirt  $39.90 (after sale $60.00) size 6 (fits like 2-4) **Shoes: Sam Edelman Rafaella Ballet Flats  $99.90 (after sale $149.95) size 6.5 **Sweater: Leith Blousson Sleeve Sweater ** $45.90 (after sale $69.00) XS Skirt: Talbots ( shop similar skirt )  Boots: Anne Klein ( shop similar boots ) Sweater: Antonio M

Baby Nsale

So when I first found out about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale , I scurried over to see what kind of awesome finds there were to be had. I applied for my Nordstrom Card so I got early access and promptly spent a ton of money. And not until this morning did it occur to me to shop the baby Nsale ! I'm not sure why this revelation took so long because my son's favorite Wubbanub came from Nordstrom. Twice. So this morning I tackled the baby sale. They have everything from clothes to strollers to diaper bags; anything you could want or need. They have especially cute things for little girls which made me slightly jealous. They even have baby jewelry for the little girls (adorable choking hazard anyone?). I didn't get quite the haul for the baby as I did for myself (let's be honest- thanks to baby showers that child has more clothes than me!) but I did find some cute things I wanted to share! Tucker + Tait Isarsia Dog Sweater  $22.90 (after sale $35) I just thought

Urban Decay Partay!

So if you follow my blog on Instagram you got the see some pictures of the Urban Decay party that I went to at Ulta on Saturday. It was an absolute blast! I'm inevitably one of those people that find out about cool events like that after they have already happened. But this time I got in on it! So professional makeup artists that work for Urban Decay came in and basically took over Ulta for the day. You could schedule a free 20-30 minute session with them, or buy a $100 Ulta gift card and get an hour and half slot for a full makeover. Let's be honest: I went for the free session since I spent all my extra money on great finds from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (post coming soon!). So they were doing this party as sort of the launch party for the Naked Heat eyeshadow palette . I've been seeing ads for the palette for a while, but honestly I was scared to try it. I know that sounds silly from the girl who will wear just about any color and even wear gray lipstick. But whi

Maternity fashion: Staying stylish while round

So here I am again, writing a much overdo post. This time, however, I have an incredibly valid excuse: I had a baby! He's the cutest sweetest little thing in the whole world and I'm totally smitten and in love! However, His Royal Cuteness is a ton of work, so combine loving on preciousness and trying to get back to a regular work schedule, and it hasn't left much time for this post that has been simmering for about three months or so. It was maybe two weeks before my son was born that one of my friends commented on how cute my maternity clothes were and how I should do a maternity style blog post. I had to laugh at myself because after all, that's exactly what this blog is for! And how could I not have thought of that myself?! So at that point I felt like a beached whale and some of my cute outfits didn't fit anymore, or didn't fit well anymore so I tried to get as many pictures of outfits as I could. A couple months before I got pregnant, a friend and fello