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Is Natural Worth It?

The automatic answer is yes!! And you're probably already thinking, "Natural what? I mean there is so much that goes into that category!" Well today we are talking natural skin care and makeup. While most people tend to think of eating clean and organic, and even using organic cleaning products (also definitely worth it), most people forget about their skincare and makeup, and that's a big mistake! Turns out, skincare and makeup are a huge component in living a better and healthier life. Everything that we put on our skin gets into our bloodstream in just 26 seconds and most makeup brands are loaded with chemicals, irritants and even roadkill! And skincare products aren't much better with chemicals, and allergens and unnecessary harsh treatments. But before you write me off as one of those "crunchy" people who is trying to save the world and the trees, I'm not. When I had friends start jumping on the "all natural" bandwagon I was skeptica