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Top Ten Beauty Must-Haves

So have you ever just stood in the aisle at the drug store and stared at all the beauty products and wondered if any of those high priced bottles actually worked? Yeah, me too. Way too often. Now I'm all for experimenting and trying new products until I continually ended up with all of these half-used bottles jammed in a drawer and I used barely any of them. Most of the time I didn't even what most of them did. I would just go to bed with my makeup on wishing I looked like Blake Lively. And then one day I grew up and realized I could have the skin and hair I wanted if I only put in the work. That's the only difference between "us" and "them". They put in the work because their faces are their money, while the rest of us run our rat races and don't take five minutes for ourselves at either end of the day. But that is a change we can make for ourselves and something that will make us prouder of who we are. And those five minutes start by having the rig