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Stopping the Waiting Game

Beside their name and age, what seems to be the first question that adults always ask kids? "What do you want to be when you grow up?" As if a five-year-old has his entire career path planned at this point. And who decided that you could only be one thing when you "grow up"? And what does that even mean? I think that we start putting unnecessary pressure on kids to figure out what they're "doing with their lives", and that never goes away. I mean what eighteen-year-old is really ready to commit to one thing for the rest of their lives? I think the statistics of how many people change their majors and how many people end up working in a field other than their major, speak for themselves. And that pressure continues once one actually "grows up". Its almost as if life is a waiting game until you "accomplish" something and become whatever your plan was to be when you "grew up". You might have some fun moments or good memories

Top Ten Beauty Must-Haves

So have you ever just stood in the aisle at the drug store and stared at all the beauty products and wondered if any of those high priced bottles actually worked? Yeah, me too. Way too often. Now I'm all for experimenting and trying new products until I continually ended up with all of these half-used bottles jammed in a drawer and I used barely any of them. Most of the time I didn't even what most of them did. I would just go to bed with my makeup on wishing I looked like Blake Lively. And then one day I grew up and realized I could have the skin and hair I wanted if I only put in the work. That's the only difference between "us" and "them". They put in the work because their faces are their money, while the rest of us run our rat races and don't take five minutes for ourselves at either end of the day. But that is a change we can make for ourselves and something that will make us prouder of who we are. And those five minutes start by having the rig

The Journey of Fashion

When I moved with my husband to Indianapolis a month ago I had no idea how different the life and the people would be. I had been to the city before and I thought I knew what moving here would would be like. I envisioned the romanticized cosmopolitan life of New York City on a smaller scale. I fancied we would be like Carrie Bradshaw and a middle-class Mr. Big. I anticipated wearing heels everywhere that I went and for the first time I would actually fit in, and as I walked down the halls of the Fashion Mall for a brief interlude of time I thought I might've been right. But then the grind and reality of life set in and the only places that I was going was the grocery store and the pharmacy and Michaels to buy wedding decorations. And the more I looked at the people I shared a town with, the more disillusioned I became in my expectations. Apparently Indianapolis has a dress code - everything that the fashion industry would frown upon. Specifically, a sweatshirt, leggings and Ugg boo

Treating Your Friends Like Your Shoes

So the last couple of months have turned out to be a whirlwind for me. Some of the air currents have been warm and pleasant and some have been incredibly cold and biting. But the end result was that I got married to the love of my life. I couldn't have survived all the ups and downs of this adventure without my dearest friends. As I thought about packing up my life to start a new one, I thought about what were my greatest treasures in my house and how I would care for them in this move. I began to realize that among those things I valued the most is my extensive shoe collection. Now to my usual readers this should come as no surprise as the revelation wasn't a huge surprise to me. What did surprise me was that on further reflection I realized that the way I select and care for my shoes is almost a metaphor for how to create and maintain friendships. Now hear me out on this one; I promise I didn't lose my marbles in the move. In fact quite the contrary. It has given me far