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Defining Fashion

Fashion. What is the first thing that come to mind when you hear that word? Do you immediately picture anorexic models wearing attire that looks like it was compiled from the rubble left by a tornado? Or maybe you think of beautiful but cost-prohibitive clothes that honestly only fit a size 2? If either of these is your first thought that you have completely missed the point of fashion. While on a secondary level fashion is about labels and fabrics and cuts, on a primary level fashion is about passion. Fashion is your personal statement on how you view the world, yourself, and what makes you happy. Fashion is meant to be an expression of what is inside a person, rather than an external attempt to conform to a movement or standard. So if you accept this idea that fashion is your own personal statement to the world, then you're probably confused. How do you decide how to make your statement? And then what is the point of fashion shows and magazines if everyone is different? Those a


Welcome to my blog. I appreciate those of you who stopped by to see what this new spot is all about. I always said that blogs were pointless as anything other than a chance to continually spew one's thoughts to uninterested public. However, I have begun to realize it can also be chance to share things that inspire you with other people that have the same passions. So I'm going to use this space to share the unique fashions and cuisine that I find. So check back to see my latest acquisitions, creations and musings!